Strategies and Consulting

Enabling School as well as the country to transform educational outcomes

Strategies and Consulting

In India, Various Governments and Private school face theserious challenge of preparing young people for their future within a rapidly evolving global, and increasingly competitive, economy.  Our education strategy and consulting practice guides clients through their journey towards meeting their goals for educational access, quality and equity.

We use a range of tools, experience, expertise and insights to support clients to identify and design strategies that will deliver performance improvements within education systems, which ultimately impact student outcomes at school. Our bespoke Strategy and Consulting service sets the foundations in place for delivering transformational change.

The strategies and solutions we design are strongly informed by our experience of the critical, success factors for educational transformation:

Engaging stakeholders

Too often, an idea to improve quality in education, which seems great in the Principal’s office or the Minister’s office and others, fails to be implemented successfully. This is often because the people most responsible for delivery were not involved. Engaging teachers, parents and pupils in designing and supporting the changes required is crucial to this process.

Focus on evidence

The ability to identify and combine the right interventions in the right way is one of the most powerful weapons in the educator’s armoury. Our research and evidence teams work alongside clients, at each step, to assist them in making the most of this tool. We collect and analyses the key metrics for educational transformation, which can be used to inform policy and practice in the process of imparting quality education.

Sustainable change and capacity building

Sustainable change requires strong and committed leadership, which will advocate for change in bad times, as well as good. Equally as important, is the ability to ensure local capacity is developed, rather than drained, by the change. This is why we use approaches, such as ‘train-the-trainer,’ as a mechanism to empower individuals to lead and sustainable change.

Culturally attuned approaches

Our experience in working with so many different and diverse areas in the country, allows us to understand how to put local context and culture first. Whilst understanding and sharing excellent practice from highly achieving institutions, in other countries or sectors, is important, we guide clients to make strategic decisions that best fit the local context.  Wherever we establish a new project, we establish local partnerships and create local teams to ensure that our solutions are rooted in the local context.

Helping you take the next step

A clear strategy is an important starting point for change to deliver educational goals.  Our deep delivery expertise allows us to connect strategy with tried and tested approaches for implementation across the life span of an intervention, ensuring that ultimately the benefits demographic dividend can be realized.