Transforming Education into High Quality Learning


A. Consultancy

GCEL’s services help the entrepreneurs entering the education sector for setting up a world-class school even in small cities and rural areas to develop the complete project plan – including viability and feasibility cum Project Detailed Reports, projection, researched advice on statutory approvals and recognitions, suggestions on grants and aids possible and a detailed Project.

GCEL acts as a principal consultant for all services and synchronies the work rendered by all agencies. GCEL has scope of work ranging from Conceptualization to Execution of entire project and make the school operational.

B. School Management

Green Circle Eduvision Ltd set up and managed schools in some of the most challenging environments in the country. We flexibly apply our expertise, and are able to harness our international experience running schools, to manage schools that meet and exceed community needs.​.

As a school management partner, we offer a suite of services built on our proven approach to running highly successful schools, while being focused on achieving the client’s specific vision and goals.  Working in partnership with our clients, GCEL Education Solutions can:

  • Provide guidance and support during the preparatory stage, including the development of a business case
  • Recruit and manage the senior leadership team of the school throughout the life of the relationship.  We then continue to work closely with the school principal to deliver quality and performance in the school.
  • Define and implement a programme of tailored and targeted services to meet the client’s goals.  These target:
    • Educational excellence
    • Operational effectiveness
    • Give access to the GCEL national network of schools, providing opportunities for staff and students

Using our framework for school effectiveness, with our Managed Schools methodology, we support our clients in raising the educational standards in their schools around the world.

Framework for School Effectiveness:

  • Educational excellence – ensuring high-quality, educational delivery to maximize student outcomes
  • Operational effectiveness – establishing standards and processes for strong business performance
  • Client care – a strong focus on adding value to the whole school community, embedded throughout our services

Managed Schools Methodology:

  • We deliver strong, educational outcomes across a range of fee levels, providing a differentiated offer to parents
  • We cater to the specific needs of the different communities or client groups that we serve
  • We demonstrate our experience in successfully offering the world’s major curricula.

Using best practice principles from around the world, we can help set up a new school, or more effectively manage an existing school, to meet a community’s educational demands. We guide clients and partners from concept to delivery, constantly adding GCEL value – including, helping to recruit the school leadership team, establish the educational ethos and curriculum, put proper assessments in place for student tracking, develop a thorough process for school governance and provide professional development for school staff.

Through our services, we work with the whole school community to ensure we are constantly adding GCEL value.

Some Highlights

  • Branding of the schooling with “Green Circle”
  • Educational System Management
  • A complete takeover of operations of the school,
  • Standardizing the physical environment of the school as per “Green Circle”,
  • School Management integration through technology,
  • Standardizing the educational support equipment and teaching aids
  • Teachers Training and development as per the standards of Green Circle
  • Developing competitive excellence among students

C. Handholding

  • Green Circle provides education resources such as teachers, pedagogy, teachers training, gadgets and books and stationary, etc.
  • Review the progress periodically to ensure the quality teaching,
  • Providing the content for the students to read in addition to their studies for preparing the competitions,
  • Certification of standardization of schools
  • Provisioning of Teaching Support/Educational resources

D. Model Schools

  • Green Circle develops its own model schools, which would depict as school of excellence and model worldwide,
  • These schools are fully funded and owned by GCEL.