Our Team

Green Circle Eduvision Ltd is a specialist education consultancy that works with private dedicated clients

Our Team

1- Dr. Fakhruddin Mohammed, Director-Academics
Dr. Fakhruddin Mohammed is a Philanthropist, Educationist, Social Reformer and Medical Doctor.
He is a professional Medical Practitioner, holding qualifications, MBBS, DHA, MD (Doctor of Medicine in Anesthesiology), FCGP (Fellow College of General Practitioner), D. A. (Diploma in Anesthesia). He has been into medical profession for past 25 years. He is specialized in Hospital Management & Pain Relief Clinic and Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine.

He has served in various hospitals as administrator and set up various hospitals and medical educational setups. He has a very strong social service inclination and has been serving MESCO as Chairman. He has presented various papers in national and international conferences. He is member of various national and international organizations. He is an alumnus of Tata Memorial Hospital and TISS, Mumbai.

2- Dr. Salman Asad, Director-IT
Dr. Salman Asad is an educationist, scholar of Islamic Sciences, Arabic language and a computer software expert. He is a good writer and orator. He is a social worker, mainly in the field of education, health and social awareness. He has designed a system, which is called EHSAS (Education, Health and Social Awareness System). He has widely traveled across the globe, and visited many countries like USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, South Africa, Hong Kong and others where he attended conferences, delivered lectures and shared his experiences in different fields of life with other experts.

He runs an IT company and an Islamic Research & Publication House. He is also IT Consultant to Health Innovation Centre at Ummul Qura University, Makkah Al Mukarramah. He is Ph.D. in Arabic along with Islamic Scholar’s Degree of “Fazil”. He has authored and translated many books into English language and has authored various articles in national and international Journals. He is an alumnus of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India.

3- Mr. Kaleemul Hafeez, Director-Projects and Business Development
Mr. Kaleemul Hafeez is a Civil Engineer, an Architect by profession and a Social Worker by passion. His career spans over a period of twenty three years as Civil Engineer, Architect and Interior Designer / Decorator. He was associated with School of Planning and Architecture (Deemed University under the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India).

He holds a degree in Arts, Diploma in Civil Engineering, Architecture from Indian Institute of Architects. He runs a construction company and a boutique hotel in Delhi. He is very actively involved in running social organizations and doing charity work across the country. He is Chairman of Al-Hafeez Educational Academy. He has been member of various government and non-government delegations in and outside the country.

He is an alumnus of Agra University and was associated with School of Planning and architecture.