During the set-up phase of your school


During the set-up phase of your school, we will establish operational systems, processes and procedures for effective operations management within the school.

These processes will include:

  • Preparation of grant and bid funding agreement paperwork
  • Financial planning and management – processes for budgeting, reporting and monitoring, bank accounts, and bookkeeping
  • Procurement procedures – approvals, delivery tracking, internal distribution, and asset management
  • Compliance – health and safety, fire, employment, etc.
  • Undertaking data protections, exam board and independent school registration
  • Services – catering (sourcing and policies such as kitchen safety, food handling), transportation, and cleaning
  • Health and safety / medical provision policies
  • Field trips guidelines and policies
Human Resource
Our team will finalize the organisation design of the school, creating a school organization that optimizes staff quality and cost.  This will include developing a staffing requirements and plan (to be refreshed on an annual basis once the school is operational), ensuring salaries and benefits are in line with the market (and national scales, where appropriate), and developing employee contracts that are legally compliant but clearly incentivize the desired performance and behaviours from staff.

We will also help you to recruit your staff because recruiting the right staff determines the academic success of the pupils. In order to ensure that we make the best selection from the field of candidates applying for positions at the school, we will employ the following strategies:

  • Informal interview – shorter session which probes reasons for applying, career history, and assess level of commitment
  • Formal interview – longer session which probes approaches to leadership, crisis management, project management, communication skills, financial and strategic planning, pedagogy
  • Observe teaching a lesson (if appropriate)
  • Setting and assessing a project task – a home-based task, which assesses creativity, adaptability and commitment
  • Setting and assessing a presentation (for senior posts) – which assesses clarity of speech, delivery of key messages, tone and manner
During set-up and / or management phase, we will take care of all financial aspects for effective fiduciary management within the school. These will include:

  • Preparing paperwork and agreements for the Funding Agreement including developing arrangements for admissions and exclusions appeals
  • Financial planning and management – processes for budgeting, reporting and monitoring, bank accounts, accounts payable and receivable
  • Preparing grant and bid funding paperwork
  • Procurement procedures – approvals, delivery tracking, internal distribution, asset management
We provide the necessary skills and expertise to undertake the following:

  • Consultation – managing a full consultation process of key stakeholders and producing evidence to satisfy government requirements
  • Stakeholder engagement – managing relationships with local and national authorities, local schools, community groups, etc.
  • Market research and planning – undertake on-going market research as the school is set-up, to finalise messaging and brand building
  • Marketing campaigns – develop and deliver a marketing strategy and plan for the school, to ensure pupil enrolments meet the required level.  This will include content for the website, publications, materials and events (e.g. school tours), and social media
  • Public relations and publicity – developing relationships with local media and community groups to support achievement of the school’s aims.
Infrastructure and Technology
Our project management team utilizes our in-house GCEL technology and Digital Engagement experts, who will:

  • Develop a technology strategy, identify ICT requirements, develop a detailed implementation plan and manage the delivery of the plan
  • Specify, procure and instal school management information systems and provide training to key users.  This includes database design, user accounts, pupil information, reporting and tracking of pupil progress, finance, human resources etc.
  • Specify, procure and implement virtual tools and software to support teaching and learning, including professional development, lesson planning, collaboration, parental and pupil engagement
  • Specify, procure and instal equipment and infrastructure including general software, hardware, and network infrastructure and user devices.
  • Specify, procure and establish a public-facing website for the school with content and functionality to support enrolments, parental and community engagement.
Securing Premises
We will ensure that the school site is ready for the start of the school year. We work closely with all sub-contractors to oversee the execution of their development plans. The activity within the plan will depend on the nature, situation and condition of the site, but may require the following activities.

  • Management of all commercial agreements and approvals (planning, building control, environmental surveys, health and safety, etc.)
  • Scoping and design of the facility requirements according to the school’s educational vision, and translating the vision into a plan that maximizes operational efficiency.  This could include a master plan of layouts and facility schedules
  • Procurement and arrangement of installation and delivery for furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E)– a process of specification, selection, costing and expediting of appropriate FF&E to create functional, comfortable and inspirational learning spaces, with necessary supply chain management to ensure appropriate quality, function, price, and access
  • Procurement of any temporary accommodation for early stages of the school, if main facility cannot be made fully ready for opening.