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Green Circle Eduvision Limited is a specialist education consultancy that works with private dedicated clients


Green Circle Eduvision Limited is a specialist education consultancy that works with private dedicated clients, aim to transform the quality of global education develop knowledge driven society in the country.  We use our expertise and insight to improve schools and schools systems by delivering education services across four key areas:  Leadership and Management Solutions, Education System Transformation, Skills Readiness and Strategy and Consulting. Everything we do is focused on making a tangible difference in the lives of learners, communities and nations, enabling students of all ages to be prepared to succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

Green Circle Eduvision Ltd (GCEL) is an educational consulting organization dedicated to establish world class modern schools with value and quality added education and provide optimum solutions to the various challenges being faced by a large number of educational institutions (School) in our country. Our services include managing existing schools, offering franchisee to schools for their Upgradation, implementing technological education system and rendering the services for developing new schools with the of creating a better India.

As India has a large number of number of educational institutions running on charitable and commercial interest under State and Central regulations but failed to deliver quality education and unable to compete with the value based modern global education system with optimized usage of ICT etc.

Another challenge in both rural as well as urban areas is that a large number of students who enroll in school do not possess appropriate communications skills and focused attitude and aptitude. This hinders their employability and acceptability in the job market casting aspersions on the credibility of their institution.

We, at GCEL, offer complete solution to most of the problems faced in the school establishment and management lifecycle. As a consulting organization, we promote and execute excellence in school education imbibed with human values with a great emphasis on commitment towards nation building as well as creating knowledge based society through providing various services and giving innovative ideas.
To achieve the target of delivering the quality education with free and frank participation of the community at grass root level, Green Circle Eduvision has come up as a Limited Company. Green Circle Eduvision Limited invites all enthusiastic academician and social leaders to invest and be the part of this quality education revolution.

Green Circle is an initiative to fill the gap of quality educational support to all the schools particularly underserved schools in rural areas. This is an endeavor to provide services in delivering the best education through various modes i.e.
Why should an Investor invest in the emerging field of Education Sector in the country?
According to the Grant Thornton report, a leading International Business Advisor. Education in India: Securing the demographic dividend, primary and secondary education, or the K-12 sector, is expected to reach USD 50 billion in 2015. Consulting firm Technopak is also very bullish about the growth of the education sector and estimates that private education sector itself would grow to USD 70 billion by 2013and USD 115 billion by 2018. Technopak sees enrollments in the K-12 level growing to 351 million, requiring an additional 34 million seats by 2018. Further, according to the report 40 Million by 2020: Preparing for a New Paradigm in Indian Higher Education by Ernst & Young, the higher education sector in India is expected to witness a growth of 18% per annum until 2020.

In India, Private investors have been carefully monitoring and investing in the education sector realizing the great potential that the sector has to offer. Private equity investment in the education sector increased from USD 129 million in 2013 to USD 183 million in 2014.It means one can significantly make profit with doing Nobel cause as providing education to each and every strata of society in the country.

As we are aware that India has 100 million students enrolled as compared to the US or the UK that have 5.1 million and 0.5 million private school students respectively. It is also evident that enrolments are increasing in private schools in rural India- from 18.7% in 2006 to 25.6% in 2011 and declining enrolment in government schools because of lack of quality education in government school. The share of private schools enrolment at the primary level is 30.6% and 37.1% in upper primary levels. Secondary education accounts for 54.4% in the junior secondary level and 60.3% in the senior/higher secondary level. 69 million students study in 247,843 private schools at the elementary level, which makes an average number 280 student per school. India has more than 339,000 private K-12 schools, growing in the last five years at 4% CAGR. As per the EY-FICCI report around 130,000 additional private schools will be required by 2022 given the current trends and it is also surveyed that Private schools enrolment in the top 20 states account for nearly 55% share of enrolment at the secondary/higher secondary level. It is also estimated that 25% of all K-12 schools in India are private schools, accounting for 40% share in student enrolment.

As per the survey of the EY-FICCI, it was also emerged that the government school is yet to provide quality education even though enactment of Right to Education Act-2009 that is and should be matter of great concern for the country. Poor education persists because of lack of adequate educational infrastructure, poor facilities and shortage of pre-requisite resources. Trained teachers and educational leadership is one of the biggest obstacles in the process of imparting quality education in the country.

Green Circle has a focused approach on these raising concerns and fulfills the gaps. GCEL has a centralized facility to provide training to teachers and trained resources along with a standard and contemporary syllabi and technology support. It would also establish the school leadership in term of achieving the desired success in delivering the best quality education.